UiPath Studio Community Edition automatically upgraded to Enterprise

Hi all,
I’m facing issue with UiPath Studio, it keeps upgrading on its own from Community edition to Enterprise edition
I have two automation clouds in

During installation i connected the UiPath studio to cloud.uipath.com and it showed me that i have Community Edition which is fine, few minutes later or maybe hours I noticed that my studio is automatically closed and upgraded to enterprise edition on its own. when this happen i open Studio again and find it connected to stage.uipath.com (don’t know why). and of course i can no more connect to cloud.uipath.com because it says i’m using enterprise edition and cannot connect to cloud.uipath.com which i have community edition.

How to stop the Studio to upgrade to enterprise edition? any workaround for this. every time this happens i have to uninstall and install the studio.

Appreciate any help here

Hi, welcome to the community!
I would say that in your enterprise orchestrator, you have a user/machine registered which will maybe auto create a user/license for you. Consider not using the same PC/user for both of your orchestrator tentants.