UiPath studio Community 2018.3.3 crashes in every 10 minutes

I am using Community studio 2018.3.3 and it shows a debug pop for every 10 minutes and then closes the studio. Thus the work i have done is lost.

Any help at the earliest is much appreciated.

Can you share more details ? (Environment, logs, event viewer) - please use UiPath diagnostic tool to get all the details.

Need more details attached.
Was the popup appearing while in designer or while running maybe in debug mode?

Ive had a similar experience recently.
It was in studio, on a Windows Server 2008 R2, selecting activity scopes on the top left corner was triggering a crash sometimes, (selecting activites from within the container rather than the title bar eliminated the crash) as well as dropping an activity into the “anchor-base” activity, after identifying the anchor.

In that case it appeared that the ‘drop activity here’ flickered closely with the no entry icon, and placing it close to the no-entry icon, caused studio to crash.

Just noticed an uptick in this recently and hadn’t seen it before… experienced this in versions 2018.3.3 and 2018.2.3 working with similar versions of code.

I have completely uninstalled UiPath, restarted the machine and installed 2018.4.0 version. Now its working as expected.
But in this version I am unable to stop the BOT in between execution. If i need to do so, I have to open task manager and kill the process.

Hi @Madhavi

This is a known issue. The workaround is to close from task manager all the processes that start with UiPath.

Please follow this thread and provide the DiagTool report if this does not solve the issue: