Uipath Studio can interact with multiple forest active directory

Hi all,

Can Studio and Robots allows multiple accounts from multiple mono active directory forest/domain ?

For example, can I manage Studio/Robots thanks to users X which come from domain A and on another time, manage Studio/Robots thanks to users W which come from domain B.

In that purpose, I want to create/launch development scenarios with users X (domain A) and create/launch production scenarios with users W (domain B). All of that, from Studio/Robot witch are in another domain Y.

Thanks for the help !

Yes, it is possible to do this.
You can easily test this for free on a Community Cloud instance. The ‘Admin’ section on UiPath Automation Cloud allows you to onboard user using simply email address.
When the user accepts the invite and successfully completes registration, they can see this cloud instance in their list of available instances when they sign to the Automation Cloud.
One can be a member of multiple instances of Automation Cloud (which houses the orchestrator tenants)

Thanks for your reply.

In my case, I’m in Enterprise Uipath 2020.10.1 Platform.

It changes some things no ?


It’s probably best to speak directly to UiPath support by raising a ticket with your Enterprise license.
They will be able to assess your current setup structure and advise appropriately:

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