Uipath Studio Bot is not running when i use asset values from Orchestrator in Azure VM

I have installed Uipath Studio 2019.4.0 community edition in Azure VM and added asset values in Orchestrator after that i have added asset values in uipath flow in studio but when i run flow in Azure, bot is not running, it is automatically cancelled. Please any one help me

Hi @sateeshwarreddy99
can you show what is the error message.


Hi @balu
I am getting this error “Execution has been cancelled”, find attachment for your reference. without assets from orchestrator working is fine.

Hi @sateeshwarreddy99
Please try these

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Buddy @sateeshwarreddy99
In your orchestrator, for this robot, enter the full domain\username, while creating robots not username alone…change that buddy with edit option and try again, this will work


Hi @balu
Thanks, It’s working fine now.

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks, It is working.

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Buddy kindly close this thread with the right comment as solution so that it could help others looking for ideas under your topic

Cheers…Keep going

I got solution on this in Uipath Forum [@balu, @Palaniyappan], I have opened Command Prompt in Azure VM and i have type “>whoami”, i got full “Domain Name\UserName”. I have used this full Domain Name\UserName in Robot under Orchestrator, now it is working fine without “error”.



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