UIPath Studio better to store Datatables for re-use between Transactions or re-create for each Transaction

I have a project that requires about 6 spreadsheets that contain information used while processing a transaction. The spreadsheets are not very large and the data in the spreadsheets does not change between Transactions. Currently for each xaml file that needs the data in the spreadsheet I use an Excel Application Scope to load the information into a Datatable. I think that I am better off loading up the Datatables once- in the InitializeApplications and then re-using them as needed. This will help improve the processing time for a given Transaction. I would appreciate any thoughts/concerns regarding memory consumption if I do it this way.

are you able to save the spreadsheets as csv? in which case just use the read csv in the init step

No the Excel spreadsheets are owned/maintained by another area

If the spreadsheets data will not change between each transaction, then your ideia is the best one. Just read once, and keep using it values until all the transactions are finished.
Just keep in mind what it would happen if an transaction throws a system expection. I suspect you are using the REFramework, if that’s the case, when this kindy of exceptions occurs, the framework calls the Init Step again, so you probably can check if the DataTables that store the spreadsheets are not empty before reading all the Excel fles again.

Yes thanks for the tip on the REFramework.

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