UiPath Studio 64-bit Community Installer


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Thanks for your kind reply.

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@StefanSchnell even if Studio is 64-bit the runtime is flexible:

  • Runtime 32-bit: Studio supports x86 runtime for .NET Framework based activities and workflows.
  • Runtime 64-bit: Studio will support x64 runtime for .NET Core based activities and workflows in a future version.

Please let me know if this answers your concers.


That’s good to know.

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Hello Alexandru,

thank you very much for this information.

Very interesting that x64 version uses .NET Core in a future version.

No, I don’t have any concerns, I just wanted to point out that there might be a need for changes at some places. I think the step into the 64-bit world is right and good. And in business context you support both platforms, so all is well.

But here another tiny question: .NET Core supports Linux. Do you plan to make UiPath available for Linux in the future?

Best regards


You got it right :slight_smile:

.NET Core porting opens the door for a lot of functionality and we explore all the possibilities. So stay tuned for future releases.


I will stay tuned. :+1:


This is exciting news! Cant wait to explore more

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That’s great. Curious to explore more :raised_hands:

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I am positive it would, especially projects (e.g. Excel automation) that deal with very large datasets

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