UiPath Studio 64-bit Community Installer


Hello Pawel,

thank you very much for this interesting exciting news.

Do you remember our short discussion about the preferred platform for custom activities, x86 or x64? If I am not mistaken, custom activities compiled with x86 flag will then no longer work. Only with the platform flag AnyCPU and x64.

The use of your SAP BAPI activity will then explicitly require the installation of SAP NCo x64, not x86 as you described in your installation prerequsites, this depends on the UiPath version which is used. I do not know of a SAP NCo with the AnyCPU flag. Also it will also no longer be possible to use the NCo installed with the SAP GUI for Windows, it is x86.

These version dependencies increases the complexity in the transition phase from x86 to x64. In many use cases this will certainly not be a problem, just as you wrote, but in the context of SAP with NCo the user will have something to do.

Furthermore you have to take care that e.g. handles or pointers are 4 bytes on 32-bit platform and 8 bytes on 64-bit platform. If a code activity contains a handle with the data type integer, which has a size of 4 bytes, then an exception will occur, because the handle in x64 has a size of 8 bytes. Adjustments may be necessary here as well.

Best regards