UiPath Studio 2018.3 Installing Packages Alert

I was trying to install packages on UiPath Studio 2018.3 and I see that a lot of changes have been made in the way one installs packages on Studio now. I have one suggestion, though.

When you install a package, you click on the small install icon at the right-hand side of the package row in the list and then press save. Now a lot of times, I as a user tend to forget pressing the save button and end up closing the manage packages window once I’ve clicked on the install icons. I can’t be the only one who has made that mistake. Imagine trying to install 5-6 packages and forgetting to click on save at the end of it, then realizing that the packages haven’t been installed.

Maybe a pop-up or some kind of a notification letting the user know that you haven’t confirmed the installation of the packages is the solution here?

Hey @loginerror

Any update on this?