UiPath Studio 2018.2.3 installer/download

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I was unsure what category to put this in as there’s only one for 18.3 and 18.4 (which we would love to use if our IT partner would let us) - if the topic belongs somewhere more appropriate, feel free to move it there.

My question is as follows:
Our IT partner has upgraded our Orchestrator to 2018.2.3 from 2018.1.1 and we would like to follow suit with our UiPath Studio versions (as it’s currently 2018.1.1)
Is it possible to download the 2018.2.3 version and if so, how do I go about getting a hold of the installer for that version?

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Jacob Jul Sørensen

Hi @JacobJul

Feel free to contact our Licencing Support for the link :slight_smile:

The version you will want is this one: 2018.2.6.

But actually, if you see here:

You might get away with installing the 2018.4.1 for your Studio and Robots. As stated in the link above, only the Robot and Studio need to match in version, with Orchestrator being able to lag behind a bit :slight_smile:

Two more remarks:

  • your IT provider should be aware that the minimum offered version of the Orchestrator in 2018.2 should be 2018.2.6 (due to a security patch that was released)
  • if you see our product lifecycle, the 2018.4 is the Long Term Support version :slight_smile:

Hi , i want UiPath studio version 2018.2.6 Enterprise Edition but couldn’t find the package to download. Please help. Urgent!