uiPath Studio 18.4 Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector

My desktop application works perfectly with 18.2 and when I’m trying it with 18.4. I found out that uiPath unable to recognize individual ui elements when trying to select them

What changed? why Anchors unable to capture mouse location and always show up as invalid ?

It’s very basic Windows applications, selectors always fail to select ui elements.

Same exact setup on 18.2 works great with no problems.

Right-click and open the image with new tab for larger image display.

Please note that both machines have UAC settings set as default & Both uiPath apps running under “Run as Administrator”

Can you use image based activities like “Click image” ?

Hi @akamali

Could you provide screenshots of the particular applicaton and more details about your process? It should normally not be the case that a processes stops working with the update.

If you cannot share those on the forum, you can try contacting our Technical Support for more assistance.

Hi @loginerror

I have updated my post to include more details including the version, workflow used and the error message.

I did notice that UAC window get triggered with UiPath 18.4. something I did not encounter with 18.2.

18: 20: 57.8554 Error { "message": "Attach Window 'FrmMDI Acenet': Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <wnd app='acenet.exe' ctrlname='frmMDI' />", "level": "Error", "logType": "Default", "timeStamp": "2018-12-01T18:20:57.8554396-08:00", "fingerprint": "ed94b4bc-1c1d-4260-bca3-d4ea39494703", "windowsIdentity": "DESKTOP-65NG5IL\\MYVM", "machineName": "DESKTOP-65NG5IL", "processName": "new", "processVersion": "", "jobId": "b30f5363-1f57-434e-979f-c36cee9ce324", "robotName": "MYVM", "machineId": 0, "fileName": "Main" }

Any update on this? or I should keep using 18.2 for now?