Uipath Stop Responding and Unable to kill the process from Orchestrator

Hi Guys,

I have faced the issue few time where Uipath Executer Stop working middle of the process. {Attach}

  1. Its Stop working while running the process unattended mode.
  2. Kill option was not visible in orchestrator {attach} to kill the process as it was running form more then 24hrs and was doing nothing except the throw a pop up Uipath Executer Stop working
  3. As per schedule the bot should Stop if it over run thats did not work too
  4. Had to login Machine manually and close the uipath.

Any idea how to stop this as its creating big trouble to run process which supposed to run same machine and couldn’t.


Check Global Exception Handler and see if that fits your problem -

Karthik Byggari

Thanks I will try it.

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