UiPath State Machine - Get Transactional Data not running to end

Hi all,

On many occasions when using the state machine with “Get Transactional Data”, the process starts and indicates there are, for example, 16 emails to process.

When the process completes processing of email number 10, UiPath stops and a log message is displayed for “No further transactions to process”, even though 6 still remain in the inbox fitting the email activity filter criteria.

I’ve noticed this happens frequently and can’t quite figure out why.

Has anyone else experienced similar, and is there a solution please?

Hey @TRX,

Can you attach your workflow here?I can have a look.


We have worked out what the issue is. Basically, when the process starts and counts 16 emails all is good. When the bot encounters a system error, all applications close and the robot recounts the number of emails, eg 10. The problem is, the transaction number remains at 9 for example but there are still 10 emails left to process. The robot then reaches transaction number 10 thinking that there are no further jobs to process.

Is there a way to reset the transaction number back to 1 when a system error is encountered, or bypass the email filtering perhaps?

A simple IF statement in the INIT stage fixed the issue. IF Transactionitem >1 then do nothing, otherwise get count of emails.