UiPath Setup for Auto Login from Logged Off / Locked Computer



Hi Folks,

I am trying to showcase UiPath to our stakeholder on the part that Orchestrator should auto login from logged off or locked computer and perform the automation job.

I read the info below, I am unable to find the folder mentioned %ProgramFiles%/UiPath Studio/v7/UiPath.
Is it because this not available on trial version (UiPath v2016.2.6192)? How to check whether I am using UiPath 7.5 or not?



v7 is an old version, which was followed by v8 and v9. Then I assume it went to the v2016.x.xx versions and now is at v2017.1.6435.

TaskLauncher, I believe, is not available anymore in newer versions than v7.


I am using v2016.x.xx trial version but cannot find the Task Launcher in older mentioned %ProgramFiles%/UiPath Studio/v7/UiPath.

Does that mean Task Launcher not available in trial version? Or this Task Launcher only available with the Orchestrator installation (which is not available in trial version)?


any update on this @badita @aksh1yadav