Uipath settings not working

Uipath settings is not opening. Admin user is able to see the settings but while trying to open settings from my account, its not working. Any idea??

File permissions?

Yes I got the file permission and now its working… Thank alot

What file location are you referring too. We are not seeing the settings option on UIRobot.

hey @cjoubert

I am interested to know your Uipath Studio Version.

This was in earlier version and due to Admin rights issues on the system you will face such problems.



We are running 2017.1. Is there a fix or do we need to upgrade? We have security processes that would need to be worked through for upgrades, so a manual fix is preferred.

Chad Joubert

We just update to 2018.1.1 and are having the same issue. What folder is needing the permissions opened up?