UiPath servicedesk quality :(

Hi there,
I wold like to share my not very positive experience with UiPath user support quality.

So far I reported couple of issues via UiPath servicedesk which were acknowledged as defects.
I was always ensured that defect is “in the future road-map” and “You can subscribe to our release notes, so you will get to know once this is released in future releases”. But so far I wasn’t able identify any release fixing my reported defects. Release notes are rather vague and marketing-ish style.

What I would expect from UiPath:
1/ Assign unique code to the defect reported
2/ Record this code in the service desk ticket - ticket could be then closed
3/ List all fixed defects in release notes - customers could check if their reported defect was fixed.
4/ Optionally customer should received a notification his/her defect was resolved.

I suppose I do not expect too much



Hi @J0ska

Thank you for your feedback, your voice is heard loud and clear.

Could you maybe elaborate on the issues that you were hoping would make its way to the stable release by now?

It would help us improve our processes moving forward.

Hi @loginerror,
I do not believe community forum is the place where should be discussed my specific pending support requests. I created this topic to point to - from my perspective - not satisfactory support process.

Additionally - My recent requests did not show in Zendesk portal. When asking why I was told that UiPath migrates from Zendesk to “Salesforce service cloud”. Why customers were not informed about such change? How will be treated past requests?


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Hi @J0ska

i just wanted to give you an update. Your feedback was passed both to product team and support team. During the last week we addressed all the points stated by you in order to improve the support flow. We will include all your points in the tickets cycle. Indeed, the migration from zendesk to salesforce was not properly communicated and some of the migrated tickets had issues (like in your case).

I appreciate you bringing this up, it’s really helpful to be aware about the mistakes and miscommunications we did and fix them as soon as possible.


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