Uipath Service Host - Several open sessions

Hello, As per the screenshots below, I identified several errors related to UiPath in the Windows event viewer. Apparently the tool is opening several sections and blocking them (Image 1) without closing them, these sections are getting stuck in the operating system, consuming resources in the equipment (Image 2) and it is the probable cause of the equipment’s slowdown.
Attached is the log with filter for the UIPath application, which contains several other errors related to the tool in addition to those mentioned above.

Has anyone encountered similar problem? Due to several sessions that were open in the taskmanager, it is overloading the RAM

Imagem 1:

Imagem 2

Hi @Israel_Silva,

In order to investigate your problem and find the potential issues can you give us some more details about the environment you are using (UiPath Robot version, OS, Installation mode) ? Also, can you please use our Diagnostic Tool and share the export with us?

Best regards,

Hi Israel Silva,
Have you figured out this issue? I’m having same error logged in event viewer. Please reply.