UiPath.Service.Host.exe missing


I have an unattended robot (licensed as such anyway). If no one has logged into it, or if everyone is logged out of it, it shows in orchestrator as disconnected, it should show available. Figured UiPath service might not me set to start on Machine start so off I go to start it and see if that helps.

The service is not only not running, the executable UiPath.Service.Host.exe does not exist at all in 86/UiPath/studio. (It does have UiPath.UserService.exe, but I don’t want that one because this is an unattended robot.

It is hard for me to believe this was installed without a thing it absolutely needs to have in order to work so I am afraid I am looking in the wrong place or thinking about this the wrong way.

Should this service be where I think it is supposed to be? Is there a valid case, not way in the corner, for an instal to lack this file? Is this in fact the likely problem and is there a way I can confirm it?

Hi again, I continue to wonder about this.

When you installed Robot was it the community edition or enterprise? Which version did you install?
Depending on those answer should reveal what you need to do.

Prior to the latest 2021.8 Preview Community Edition (EXE) only provided a User Mode installation and in order to registered the UiRobot as a Service you needed the Enterprise Installer (MSI) and either register it as a service during installation or doing so from the command line after the fact.

It was recently announced with 2021.8 Preview Community Edition that they would start to allow the Robot in Service Mode.

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Pls brief on the steps you followed to install them
Or give a try reinstalling and make sure all the checks are made


I did not install it, I was given an HVD with it already installed. I suspect you are right and the installment was just done wrong or someone decided it should be repurposed as an unattended bot host without them considering how the initial instal was done. I would like to be absolutely sure what state it is in now so that I can tell someone with admin rights exactly what they need to do because I am pretty confident they will not know what all the options in the installer do. Is there some way I can determine with a high degree of confidence that the install was community or otherwise configured in such a way as to make unattended operation impossible?

Okay folks, the problematic HVD is 20.10.4. In 86\uipath\studio there is a folder called UiPathAssistant. Another HVD that does not have the same symptoms lacks this folder. I will venture a guess that the problem HVD was installed configured for Assistant, which I think is to the exclusion of an unattended configuration, which is what we want.

Is the evidence enough to conclude that the install was done configured for Assistant?

The machine can run a bot from tray or from Orchestrator IFF the user that Is the bot is already logged on (if the bots userid is ‘bob’, must be logged in for the job to run). If this user is logged off, Orchestrator shows the bot as disconnected. I am writing this in case behavior also must be considered to figure this out. Of course what we want is for Orchestrator to remote in the user configured on job start.

Hi @george.denno,

Depending on if the Community Installer (EXE) or the Enterprise Installer (MSI) was used they are installed in different locations.

EXE installs to the User Profile under %LOCALAPPDATA%\UiPath and does not require administration rights.

MSI installs to the Machine for all Users under %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\UiPath and required adminsitration privileges.

Your path isn’t complete but as you have “86” there, I’ll assume you found it in %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%

The installation can be modified by running the installer again via command line (reference below) and including RegisterService as part of your ADDLOCAL parameter value.

Alternatively they should also be able to go into the Windows’ App & Features, locate the UiPAth Studio app in the list and Modify the installation


Click Change and add the “Register as Windows Service” feature.


Please see for more details on Studio / Robot installation here

It was installed configured for Assistant instead of Unattended, this issue is resolved thank you.

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