UiPath Server Architecture

Hi All,

I have a question regarding the number of servers I will require for the UiPath platform setup.

Lets assume that the server for elastic search is not required. From the UiPath documentation, the default set up is as follows (e.g. in a Dev / Test Env)

  • 1 x server (Web Application Server)
  • 1 x server (SQL DB Server)

The above seems to depict a 2 tier architecture design which differs from the norm where there is usually 3 servers (1 for Web server, 1 for Application server (middle layer) and 1 for SQL DB).

Why this this so? Wouldn’t there be any security concern if both the web and app are hosted on the same server?

Thanks in advance for the inputs!


There is no ‘App Server’ in uipath, orchestrator is a web application and a service layer that lives in the same machine, so for test dev, you could even do in one machine with sql server (if you dont have already in another server) and orchestrator… Security concerns is even better if you have it all in one place so it is easier to control network traffic…