uiPath: Send an email and restart the process on any error

Hi, so I have created a long sequence which has set of activities going on with it. I want to configure in such a way that despite the error is caused in any point of the sequence, it should send an email with the error message and then restart the process from the beginning.

I have figured out the email sending way, but not able to find something that will allow me to restart the process in case of any potential error along with sending the email. Like setting up onError individually will be way too much for me. Does anyone know the best way to do so? Here I have added a flow chart also for better understanding of what I want to achieve:

I tried using try catch block and putting everything in try but still the process ends when it encounters an error.

@spidey You can leverage Global Handler workflow for handling such scenario.

Assume that you have your process in “Main.xaml” workflow, create a new Global handler sequence where on any error, send the email and invoke “Main.xaml” workflow. Please use setup retry mechanism to avoid getting this into infinite loop.

Hmm can you share a screenshot of small process demonstrating the same? That will be really helpful.

Hi @spidey
Check this workflow
In this workflow i also had added the annotation part so to make u understand about the process well

excel.zip (47.2 KB)

Hope it helps you

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Nived N
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@NIVED_NAMBIAR Thank you very much this is exactly what I needed! Thanks a lot for the help and your valuable time!

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