UiPath "seeing" screen as totally black

It has happened to me a few times already. I have a workflow that is working. Sometime later (some event ocurred midtime, like turning computer on/off, locking/unlocking screen, I run the workflow again and the workflow BUGS at CLICK IMAGE activities, that were working previously.

I then select GRAB FROM SCREEN, to try to fix that activity, but when I do so, it changes to a completely black screen, just with a thin red line mouse cursor and red line rectangle below the cursor.

Any idea what might be the cause?

Hi @Rogerio_Penna

Are you working in Citrix environment?

I do not even know what a Citrix environment is.

Anyway, I think I discovered what caused the issue. I had Firefox and Chrome open. Having both open at the same time causes nothing (right now I have both open and UiPath is working right).

But I think the previous instance of Chrome was calling a banking security app (IBM Trusteer Security Rapport) and this app probably blocks screenshots and stuff like UiPath screen grabbing tool, so as to avoiding hackers recording your screen keyboard for logging into internet banking.


FYI, If you are working in a remote desktop and your UiPath has been installed in your local machine, then it is called Citrix Automation because everything is based on image.
If your application and UiPath both are in Local machine, then it is called Desktop Automation.
I think you are working on Desktop Automation, don’t use click image instead use only click activity for the better output.
Note: Don’t use image based activities like click image, image exists for Desktop Automations.

Goutham Vijay