UiPath Screen OCR: Now in Public Preview!

Hi @Avinash_Sewpersadh

Just check whether the provided API key is correct?

It is…triple checked that…could it be something like a firewall rule or something?..is there a way to view the server responses

I got this error once when I used it some time back, I’m just trying to recall how I resolved it… :thinking:

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*Holding my breath :slightly_smiling_face: …Hope u remember…This thing is killing me…
im sure the request and response messages exist somewhere…being able to view them should be able to help with troubleshooting?..

…or if u have a better solution…

Thanks man

Do u think theres an issue on my platform? Im on beta 108

Hi… just to check… are you using the latest version of the activities?

@Cosin - getting below error with UiPath Screen OCR
My API Key - NdewfxHIBmk4wRi0gCGkWV+At9H9piBhZQhg/mIRvLniOpRecSRlIEOEVrYhh116


" To get it to work, you now have to provide the CV API key which you can get from your Cloud Platform licensing tab."

What if we have on-premise installations of Orchestrator and CV and would still like to utilize UiPath’s screen OCR? We don’t have a cloud platform for our enterprise because we’re on-prem. Do we need to keep juggling community edition CV keys from cloud.uipath.com? Do they expire? Any additional info on this since almost two years ago? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Vaelaar, UiPath Screen OCR is now included in the Linux on-premise installation, so updating your server to the latest version should solve your issue. Alternatively, you can set the UseLocalServer property to True which enables the UiPath Scren OCR to run on your local machine (slower and with a slightly worse quality output, but it all depends on how heavy your needs are).

Hi, @Bogdan_Sultana! Thanks for the reply – are you referencing the latest version of… Orchestrator? Or CV? Just wondering which on-prem, Linux installation you are referencing and if it’s the same for any non-Linux installations.

Thanks again.

Hi, @Vaelaar, I was referencing CV. Only the Linux CV on-prem server has the UiPath Screen OCR now, but we’re working on releasing an identical Docker-based server for Windows in 22.4, so stay tuned; this will have all the features in the latest models, including table detection and Screen OCR.

Thank you Bogdan!