UiPath Screen OCR: Now in Public Preview!

A problem happend that when i first install this activity,used it can return some strings,But when i install new project, use the same steps,but the result always nothing “”. Anyone knows the reason?
the same computer,the same account,the same sequece,only diffrent project and onyl use the OCR without computer vision.

Is this activity mustbe used in online,I want to used the uipath screen ocr on intranet for my client. Could I used in production envrionment? and How to do this?

This activity not working at all, i have followed all steps as you described .
cloud vision api and deathby captcha api working fine in my current project

HI @sushildarveshi

I hope you’d have resolved this by now, but in case now, you need to click on settings and check Official from there. Once done it will be reflected under all packages, just like local and Orchestrator Host. :slight_smile:


I hope this activity have allowedcharacters,deniedcharacters options,like GoogleOCR,becuase in some scenario,It’s must be some fixed characters,it may be increase the OCR success rate.

it does have API Key field. Does it mean that soon this activity require us a separate license key?

Hi all @Cosin
i am getting this error when i am using the uipath screen ocr but with the ocr’s it working fine.

Result of Other OCR Engine
Result of UiPath OCR Engine

I know the result is wrong but it’s because of the quality of the target. Great feature.


Open it in some PDF Reader application

fine again i got this i copied from the cloud.uipath.com only

@kalyanDev Generate new code and use “Copy API Key” to copy the code

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now again i am getting the that fist error

Did you open it in Adobe reader?

yes… but is this ocr will work for only when we are in readers?

@kalyanDev Yes, the PDF file must be opened

yes everything is correct but i am not getting any results as expected.

@kalyanDev Just Curious, Have you added CV Get Text Activity?
Below is an example

Hi @Cosin,

Hope you are doing well. I have a question. I tried this activity with Get OCR Text. It is giving the desired results. Though I have 2 questions:

  1. it has option of API Key, currently it is blank and is working as well. Do we need any API key in future ?
  2. Is this OCR cloud based ?


I would like to use this activity to select fields on a word file, is that possible?

i am getting null output, i have followed all described steps still getting error, tell me how to get output