UIPATH scenario using Reframework

Hi everyone, i have a scenario i don’t know how to solve it, can anyone help me (It should be done in Re framework).
I have to pass a argument it having a value 12000000

I have to create a list in config Files

Positive values.
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
0 E

Negative value

1 F
2 G
3 H
4 I

We need to pass a number
Ex : 1230 ( count is 4)
Now we need to remove the 4 zeros in 12000000
After we need to add the above input 1200123E

Last letter will be alphabet

In the given (1230) input the last number is zero .
Zero means (E)
Then the final answer will be. 1200123E

Can anyone give me the solution for this question .

Note: If you can please share me the XAML file. It will be helpful.

  1. Load Positive and Negative values in two DataTable/Dictionary objects.
  2. Get the last digit of the 4-digit number and replace it with the matching letter.
    String argumentValue = "1230"
    String fourthDigit = argumentValue.substring(3,1)
    argumentValue.Replace(fourthDigit, PositiveDictionary.get(fourthDigit)

To some extent, this is pseudo code so you may need to work out a few kinks.
The logic is like this:
substring gives you the string at index 3, with 1 length - i.e. the letter at index 3.
PositiveDictionary is the object where you have your positive values map stored. The get(key) method will return the value for the key value you pass, which will be the fourthDigit you just extracted.

Thanks @RPAForEveryone but I’m not able to write those conditions exactly

This is not very good, as your replace could replace more than one value…

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Yes, of course! I stand corrected. Thanks, Bruno.
This needs a little bit more work.