Uipath scenario topic

Hi everyone i have a scenario i don’t know how to solve it can anyone help.It should be done in re framework.

I have to pass a argument it having a value 12000000

I have to create a list in config Files

Positive values.
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
0 E

Negative value

1 F
2 G
3 H
4 I

We need to pass a number
Ex : 1230 ( count is 4)
Now we need to remove the 4 zeros in 12000000
After we need to add the above input 1200123E

Last letter will be alphabet

In the given (1230) input the last number is zero .
Zero means (E)
Then the final answer will be. 1200123E

Can anyone give me the solution for this question .



  1. Add this to your config file as in constant sheets
    Name Value
    1 A
    2 B
    3 C
    4 D
    5 E
    -1 F
    -2 G
    -3 H
    -4 I

Now the number you are passing, get count of it

now add last value to argument
Concatenate using suntring.

Thank you verma, i will try this.