UiPath runtime bug

Im trying to automate a process thru windows RDP. The runtime tool starts and lets me start the development process. but as soon as i start an application in the RDP enviorment, the tool stops working. i tryied to restart the RDP, the application but still, the tool stops working. when i close the application the runtime tool starts working again.

Hi @michael.tanzi,
Is any error occurring during this? What is the Studio version and license you are using?

No Errors occur, without the application i istart in the RDP enviorment. Uipath runtime works fine, it finds all selectors and lets me contiue develop the process. as soon as i start the application. All selectors just stops working and i can only select the whole RDP enviorment. when i shut down the application, the tool goes back and starts working. i use uipath studio 19.10.4 with an enterprise licens

the application is an MSSQL

Thank you for this information. I think it’s something our devs should look into. As you are on enterprise license I would like to ask you to open a ticket for our Technical Support so they could track it an be in constant contact with you in case some additional information will be needed.

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