Uipath running virtually?

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I wanted to check how UiPath can be used to connect to client’s machine without installing UiPath on their laptop. For example: Laptop A is where UiPath is installed and Laptop B is client’s machine. How can I access data or run UiPath bot on Laptop A without installing UiPath at Laptop B? Is there any way UiPath can run virtually and do bot tasks without being installed on client’s machine (Laptop B)?

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You do not need to install UiPath Bot on Laptop B. You can access Laptop B from Laptop A e.g. using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and then the bot on Laptop A can do activities on Laptop B.

If you can provide more details on what you are trying to achieve, I can suggest how UiPath can help you.

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thanks. Essentially the requirement is with most of the clients to automate their tasks, we cannot ask every client to buy Uipath desktop tool and uipath orchestrator. Situation is like this -
Client has data on their SAP system. So a normal user will login into SAP R/3 and execute some Tcodes to execute some function to download some files/ reports. But user will be executing the tcodes multiple times. UiPath can do SAP Automation so we thought why can’t we use UiPath rather than one person executing tcodes hundreds of time in SAP R/3. So this SAP app is installed in clients system so instead of manual execution of tcodes, how can UiPath access client machine without installing UiPath on their machine and execute tcode on SAP tool?

@paighowal - Thanks for the details. If you can install SAPGUI on Laptop A, then the bot can automate all the tasks by logging into SAP using SAPGUI and we do not need to access Laptop B.

That was just one scenario I gave as an example. It is not just SAP. It could be lets say an internal website at client location. How can I access that or run bot to download data from client’s internal website without installing Uipath at their location? As you said, how can I utilize RDP to accomplish that?

@paighowal - You do not need to install UiPath on any other machine if you have access to all the systems which you need to interact from the machine running the bot. So, it depends on the task you are going to automate.

The logic is simple you Install UIPath on Laptop A. Build your Bot on laptop A. Install orchestrator on Laptop A or a another Laptop C (remote server)

Now you have two options

  1. You connect Client Machine B to orchestrator and then deploy your nuget package (basically just the robot) at client machine and shcedule /control this via orchestrator. This can be done for multiple clients/machines depending on the numbe rof robot licenses you have

2.You Dont connect client machine B to orchestrator. Now you simply keep your Robot on Laptop A OR buy another Laptop/Virtual Machine (Laptop D) where you keep the Bot. You connect your Laptop/VM to orchestrator. This then uses Remote Connection like RDP or Citrix to login into client machine and perform various applications like SAP and others

for RDP:

hope that shed some more light

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