Uipath Runner License

I have only Uipath Runner bot licence. How can I run a NUPKG package sent from an user through this Uipath Runner. It is throwing error when I disconnect it from server and connect locally(Offline).

is it an unattended bot runner?

the process is developed on a machine and is being executed on another machine where Studio isn’t available and only robot is installed. In this case please copy the process.nupkg to the %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages and it is showing in robot tray.It is connected with some orchestrator .When disconnected from that package is showing on that tray bt it give error while starting

The location where you store NUPKG files is set in your UiPath.Settings file.

After you disconnect the robot from orchestrator, you need to activate the license and then run the project.
Just make sure you develop the project in same version Studio/Robot