Uipath & RPA History

Hello all,

I try to find a roadmap for major all milestones in RPA history, and how Uipath participated in this development. I know that character recognision, selectors and input dialogs were here already a long time. I estimated since the year 2002. But for my thoughts the combination of these techs into RPA is 5 years old. Before that it was just experiments. To be honest i was beginning to think this was the best kept secret in the market no one wants to talk about for the appeal of the product:)

I was also little bit suprised some businness are looking for RPA developers with 6 years of experience. Are these the same RPA developers we see today?

Today i saw that Winautomate has a timeline stating that their new RDA tech was here since 2005. Is this Satoshi Nakamoto story or is it true?

When did people start calling themselves RPA developer?
Uipath also started in 2005, but was it since the beginning a full RPA organisation already?