UiPath RPA GUI virtual environment

Hello Community,

My name is Rasmus, and I am a Sysadministrator with the responsibility for our RPA environment running on our virtual server solution with Windows Server 2016 std. as OS.

Our Software Developer Department is having a hard time keeping the UiPath RPA robot active and alive on the Virtual machine environment.
The robot is programmed GUI based, and therefore need an active desktop session running to fulfill it’s tasks.

The problem is that you can only access the Virtual machine from an RDP or Console solution which at some point in time will disconnect the current active user session and therefore halt the RPA GUI robot, and cause it not to have an active desktop to interact with.

I have even tried to trick the Windows Server to keep the Desktop session alive with a simple Powershell script and taskschedule which starts when someone disconnects / timeout from the Desktop session.:

$output = query session username | findstr /I " Disc "
$sessionId = $output.Substring(38 ,9).Trim()
Tscon $sessionId /dest:console /password:selectedpassword

I can’t be the only one here with this kind of problem. :smile: :sun_with_face: