UiPath RPA Associate Certification (UiRPA) - via studioX

I have been working my way through the online training as I want to get a certification. My question is can I pass and get a certification as a citizen developer, so without coding or developer experience? I am just learning using the online training primarily using studioX. The description states the target audience as technical and semi technical so I was just wondering what level semi technical would be and if its worth me trying to get to this level.

Any advice would be appreciated as this is something I would love to achieve.


hello @hmountney85 ,

I took the exam few months ago, but I think is not enough only to use Studio X.
I remember that were specific things from the Studio/Studio Pro.

Based on their learning path:

I hope it helps.


Thank you for replying. I will just have to keep trying and learning and see what happens