UiPath RPA Associate Certification Training - stuck / help needed - license newly assigned robot user


I am new to RPA and started the course UiPath RPA Associate Certification Training which I enrolled in on the 25th of october 2022. The solution might be simple but I have zero knowledge on the topic yet.

I was following all the video instructions of the video “First run with UiPath” in the subcourse Meet the UiPath Platform but then I got stuck at logging in with my newly robot assigned user into the downloaded Studio (community package) as shown 5:40 into the video.

Can anyone help? I will need step by step instructions to follow through, not just general verbal descriptions of what needs to be changed, but also how to do it exactly.

Feel free to ask for more input if necessary.
Screenshots available at the end of this post.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @PAM85,

Did you assign to your user a license from the user page?

  • Go to “Manage Access” as in your 4th screenshot, select your user’s 3 dots at the end of the line, and click on edit:

  • Looking at your licenses, you do have 1 unattended available.

  • Inside Edit menu, navigate to the 2nd screen, and make sure that your “Unattended Robot” is enabled, and it has your username and domain written there (Can be obtained from cmd → typing whoami)


Last but not least, might be good to go to the machines menu, choose your machine, and check if it does have any runtime assigned:

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

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Hi @ignasi.peiris,

Thank you for your (very quick) help! I was finally able to log in with the new robot assigned user into the downloaded Studio community version.

Our versions seem to differ (and thus window content as well) so I am adding screenshots for other new users as well with what I changed or not.


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Glad you solved it on your own!

Super cool that you shared the screenshots here, so others with the same issue can refer to this post :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Ignasi Peiris

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