UiPath RPA Associate Certification Exam Voucher


Is there any chance to get free or discounted UiPath certification vouchers?

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Hi ,
Please find the below link

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Thanks for the link above. Any other?

If you are active on the forum, you might qualify for a discount voucher.

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Hey @Umer_Shahid

Being better contributor on Forum may earn you one :slight_smile:

Also, if your organization is partnered with UiPath you can check with them on the same.


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Hello @Umer_Shahid ,

There are possibilities for getting that.

1)Monitor uipath forum and here in the forum different contests will be there, if you win it there are possibilities for getting a voucher.
2)If you are a prominent contributer to Uipath community, then also you can earn it.
3) Also you can check with the organizations for a claim possibilities or whether you can get a voucher as part of the partnership program between uipath and the company.

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