uiPath Robot will not install


Just getting started with UiPath Community Edition. Was all going rather well until I hit this issue which I would appreciate some assistance with.

I can run simple stuff like driving browsers, grabbing selector, creating and playing with variables… all just fine and working great. But…

My main area of interest with UiPath is to potentially use it to replace a bunch of ETL jobs which hit simple http Rest APIs which provide a json response body. It seems that I’m struggling at the first hurdle though because when I try to execute the simple http API I get:

17:30:03.0000 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.Shared.Logging.OutputLogger] [43] Orchestrator HTTP Request: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.

Which is interesting because the UiPath Robot service is NOT running - in fact it does not even exist. Its is not an installed service. I can see the robot.exe file in the install directory and I can manually start it or call it from Win startup and I can see the icon for it in the system tray. When I hover over the icon in the system tray it tells me that its running UiPath Robot 2019.4.2 and that it is ‘offline’.

However I cannot see the process running in task manager! That seems a bit strange. What I DO have in task manager are:


When I look at the config of the UiPath Robot I see that in the orchestrator settings there are no Orchestrator URLor Machine Key values; they are completely blank.

In an effort to get the UiRobot service up and running I have uninstalled, rebooted and tried all sorts… but the service never appears.

Would appreciate any advice.I should add that I am using Win10 Home Edition - would that matter?


Hi @kryten

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Are you using the simple HTTP Request activity from the UiPath.Web.Activities package? That’s just one though.

The Orchestrator HTTP Request is an activity designed specifically for API calls to Orchestrator, in which you are automatically authenticated by the currently connected Robot. This is why if you don’t have your Robot connected to Orchestrator, the activity will throw this error.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure you have Robot available in your Start menu.

However, the point is that to call a simple HTTP Request, you should use the other HTTP Request activity which comes in a separate package :slight_smile:


Thanks @loginerror

All good here now, thanks!

Yes, I was crashing ahead too fast (not like me!). I understand now about the orchestrator and my incorrect use. All good.

I am now using the http request block and all is working just fine. Able to use json deserialiser to get data and playing around with the for-each and ifs to achieve a likeness of what I have been doing in Eg Pentaho.

UiPath seems to be really powerful

Next up is trying to figure out where I can inject and run my own code ( Ideally Java, but Python might be ok ). But I’m enjoying figuring it out.

I’m quite sure I’ll have many more questions! Have signed up for some Udemy training now too.



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