UiPath Robot - - Where do downloaded processes get saved locally on your PC?

Hi, UiPath Devs …

I must have fallen asleep when this was covered in UiPath training … but can anyone tell me where processes get downloaded to, on your PC when you click the download arrow in UiPath Robot? What file or files get saved locally? And … where are they saved on your PC?

Many Thanks!

Check it in the below places. (app version may vary)


Karthik Byggari


I tried the paths you said but I did not see the downloaded processes. I only saw the library package for example: Google.Apis.1.44.0.nupkg


For enterprise the packages are stored in C:\Users\ yourUser \.nuget\packages
Every process has a package name you have defined in Publish.

I don’t know if the path is different for Community version…

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