UiPath Robot Tray is active...how can I deactivate it

Dear community
hi how are you. My problem is UiPath Robot button on tray always becomes active when I click START. It blocks other windows and my workflow cannot proceed. How can I deactivate when it is running? Is there any Windows 10 settings that I can look into?

Hi there,

Please try the following:

  1. Right click on the taskbar
  2. Select “Taskbar Settings”
  3. Select the link “Select which icons appear on the taskbar”
  4. Uncheck the robot icon.


Hi thank you for your reply.
My question is what do you do if Robot Tray is blocking other windows like the image above?

Ah ok, that’s strange, I would try to restart your PC before trying anything else…

If that doesn’t work then at the start of your process add a “Find Image” activity and look for something like:
If it’s there then select the cross icon before continuing your process.
Remember to set your “continue of error” field to true so that it keeps going if it doesn’t find anything and give it a reasonable timeout, like 2 seconds.

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Once you started the job from system tray, are you not able to close this screen or what ?

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hello @hellorobot
What exactly is your problem?
According to my understanding i would suggest you to add some activities to close and quit the robot tray because you wont need it once you run your program or else you can drag that window to a place where it wont obstruct your work window.

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hi thank you for your reply. I have a workflow that clicks OK on the pop up message. Problem is that because the tray is active the pop-up message is not active therefore workflow cannot find the element. I use On Element Appear and I also tried Attach Window and Show Window to make it active but no use…Funny thing is that when I use another PC this tray vanishes automatically once the pop up window comes up. I do not know what is causing this problem.

hi thank you for your post. The tray does not go away automatically as it usually does for some reason. It stays there.

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