UiPath Robot Settings - 2018.3.0 || Status: Robot Unavilable

Hi Friends,

While i was learning about Orchestrator, created machine and Robots for the same as below.

Machine details:


Robot Details:

I am connecting the robot as below using UiPath Robot Setting but it is showing as below.

Please help me here…


Hi @Ravindhar

Firstly you have to check Orchesrator Url->https://platform.uipath.com

i think it will help you…

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Hi @Ravindhar ,
Can you please open a CMD in your robot machine and type “whoami”.
The result should be the input you need to add in your domain\username field when provisioning a robot.

If you are using a domain user you need to put domain\username.
If it’s a local user you need to add machineName\username.

Demo and platform are one and the same .



As you said, I have updated domain name, then I tried to connect this and shown below error message.


Can you go to Windows > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application and post the error that is logged there when this error is triggered ?

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Thank you so much. It worked !!