UIPath Robot service agent doesn't start automatically

HI Team ,

Everytime desktop got restarted , UIPath robot service agent doesn’t starts automatically even though we made it to start automatically under properties.


What platform version are you using?
Have you checked, at the install of the msi, the option to Automatically start Robot Tray?

Hi @Gabriel_Tatu,

I am also facing same issue and am using 2017.1.6522 version.

do you see the robot in startup?

Hi @Gabriel_Tatu

I want to run the UiPath robot agent but unfortunately I don’t know where can I find it!

I checked my start-up applications too, “UiPath Robot” is not there.

I am using Windows 10.

I really appreciate your help.

Hello @srashidi,
I think you can find it here: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-17.1.6498\UiRobot.exe
Try to check “app-17.1.6498” or similliar … It helped me.



Thank you soo much I got it

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i have run the uirobot.exe it comes to system tray but as per screen shot i cannot edit the settings.


and in services.msc i couldn’t able to find UiRobotSvc

I am unable to start a topic, maybe I’m too new…anyways, I can’t get UiPath Studio robots to work on my home laptop. Yes, the robot.exe is started, yes, I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled/restarted…I’ve done everything noted in the forums, posted on other sites - and still, even with the robot.exe running, when I hit debug or execute - I get the robot service not started error.

Anyone have any ideas?

Laptop runs Windows 10 Home
UiPath enterprise trial version: 2018.3

I need to get this working to get my advanced assignment 3 turned in…I’m unable to do so from the work laptop due to the firewalls in place.


EDIT: RESOLVED. Old version of UiPath was “stuck” and didn’t uninstall properly and it caused the error. Uninstalled with a super uninstall program; reinstalled new version of studio and it’s working!