UiPath Robot - Orchestrator URL & Machine Key


My organization only provided UiPath Robot license to run the BOT. However when I ran the application, it is offline and says


Can anyone guide me on how I can retrieve the bot to test out my automation?


Hi @ShengChao_Soh !
Welcome to UiPath Community :smile:
First go to Orchestrator and get the url of it once you are connected to your session, then fill in the url in the “Orchestrator” field that you can see in the Agent.
Then, in Orchestrator, you have to:
1- Create the machine, then screen in Orchestrator so we show you where to take your machine key (that you have to provide in the agent as you could imagine)
2- Create the environment and link it with your machine
3- Create the robot

Hi Hiba. Thanks for the steps! Would you happen to have any page that detail the steps with images?

Hi @ShengChao_Soh !
Sure, go with this tutorial and let us know :wink: