UiPath robot not stopping

Actually I think it might be.

LaunchWorkflowInteractive works similarly to InvokeWorkflow with Isolated flag - target workflow is started as separated process, arguments are fully serialized and passed through the pipe between caller and callee process.

The hang of the robot you’re describing looks like an issue with passing the DataTable back to the calling process. Pipe limit might be the cause (not necessarily, but it came to mind).

This could also help (indirectly - check the binary serialization as a possible workaround):

How big is that DataTable you’re passing back? (In rows x column)
Does it have any unusual schema or is it built from reading xls/csv file?
What’s your Studio version?

For debugging purposes, could you try:

  • Removing the OutArgument and checking if it works - to confirm it’s the cause
  • Passing a smaller DT (i.e. filter using .Select(someCondition).CopyToDataTable() and checking if it works - to check if the size is the issue

In any case, I’d still say that collecting traces and contacting support could help, as well as provide them another data point to eliminating these kind of issues in the future. Since we can’t rip open UiStudio, it’s hard to say exactly what is happening inside.

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