UiPath - Robot - NonProduction License issue


NonProduction license is works only when user assigned with System admin rights in VM and If I remove the system admin rights it shows Connected, unlicensed. As per the company policy user don’t need to have admin rights


Rajendra Prasad.


Administration Permissions is required if you install Studio/Robot to the machine C:\Program Files or if you Register the Robot as a Service.

If you do not have admin rights, you have a couple options

  • Ask your Admin to configure the Robot Settings / Machine Key etc. for you, this applies to the Machine and not a single user. License is consumed by the Robot Service Running and connect to Orchestrator.

  • Uninstall Studio/Robot and each user that would use it would install it using Quick or in User Mode. This installs to the user’s %localappdata% which does not require administration rights and is a per user install. Licenses are consumed when the User has their Robot Tray / Assistant running and connected to Orchestrator.