UIPath Robot Error : Failed to Install Package : System.Exception: "NU1107: Version conflict detected for UiPath

How do I read this output - and what are the steps to remediate? I have found some references on the forum but none outlined specific steps/order to resolve. Any guidance is appreciated. Really :slight_smile:

System.Exception: "NU1107: Version conflict detected for UiPath. Install/reference UiPath directly to project AskSalesforce_Windows.1.0.8 to resolve this issue.

AskSalesforce_Windows.1.0.8 → AskSalesforce_Windows 1.0.8 → UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities.Runtime 22.12.0-preview → UiPath (=

Try to not use the preview version of the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package, and in the Manage package try to change it to Lowest Applicable Version.


If you have a warning with dependency downgrade, try to accept it.

Let us know if this solved the dependency downgrade.


Install with strict runtime rule the UiPath dependency and retry.

More details about NuGet Error NU1107

thanks for this suggestion will try this today / tomorrow. appreciate it.

@marian.platonov - this approach has resolved it - package could install and assistant was able to execute.

Even though the answer was staring me straight in the face as the “Manage Packages” section had it listed as “does not exist in any feed”… so a bit of user error as well.


Now mark as a solution the correct post in this thread so it can help other users as well.

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