UiPath Robot Black Screen

Hi All,

Recently the UiPath Robot Show a black screen like this:

I don’t know why this is happening, the studio works fine, the execution also.
By the way I am using 19.12.0 Community edition.

Please help me fix this, thanks in advance :upside_down_face:


Check by pressing alt+tab to see any hidden windows available?

@sarathi125, nope everything looks normal except the black screen.
I can press on the top right to close it.

Looks low memory or low performance of the system… Try by restarting your computer and clearing the temp files.

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I tried mutiple times, I even uninstall it and downloaded a new one.
just for the record Visual Studio Code is also like this.


Do you have correct .net framework version installed…
Require .net framework version 4.7 minimum

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I have 4.6.1, I ll try to update it.


Update it by a msi installer and restart your computer as well after the installation


Thanks It works. I am currently using 4.7.2

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