UiPath Robot API - Robot as a REST Web Service


We have followed the steps in the link https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/uipath-robot-api

while executing the invoke command in PowerShell “Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get” we are getting an XML(We have attached it , saved it as a config file and opened in IE .Upon opening the config file,the page provided in the below image is being displayed ) instead of True or False.

Please provide any help on this or advise us how to proceed

Detailed Description :

While Configure UiPath Robot service after Installing UiPath Studio msi ,stopping UiPath Robot service,Editing UiRobot.exe.config file,Starting UiPath Robot service it is given that GET method; Returns True if UiPath service is up and running.But,We are being redirected to xml and we couldn’t get return true if Uipath is up & running.