UiPath Robot agent tasks

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Can any body list down the task performed by UiPath Robot agent?

ie: 1)The runtime on which the workflows are run
2)Pull updates on packages from Orchestrator etc.

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Usually Robot does the following like

  1. The robot can triggered typically in three ways…one is from studio and second is from orchestrator and third is from ROBOT TRAY…
  2. ROBOT TRAY also helps us download the package that we have published from our studio that would be helpful when we dont have access for studio and only for robot in case
  3. ROBOT TRAY also helps us to connect the machine to orchestrator and it plays the major role in this because only when proper machine from this tray is been pasted in the Orchestrator, we can run he job from orchestrator else we wont be able to…
  4. Robot tray also allows us to set the logging level that we want in logs to be recorded in Orchestrator…like we can set the log level here in the robot tray like error, warn, info, fatal, and verbose…
  5. And finally we can come to the number pf processess that we have published so far from the studio…
    For more info on this

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Can anybody list down the tasks performed by UiPath Robot service tasks and why we need these services?


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Robot services, the key point of it are

  1. This Manages and monitors Windows sessions and acts as a proxy between Orchestrator and the execution hosts;
  2. It helps us in managing the credentials for Robots
  3. It is launched by the Service Control Manager under the Local System

For more info on services

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