Uipath reusable components with user sequence inside

Is it possible create reusable component wich user can be customise by sequense inside?
For example like component “for each” which user insert activites into.

Hello @align - Welcome to the forums.

The ForEach is an activity that allows the user to customize other actions, sequences, or entire workflows inside of it. I’m trying to understand what is it that you are trying to do different?

That aside, yes. You can build custom libraries or UiPath Custom components . But in case of a ForEach you have to make sure to account for the data types of the item and the collection that you pass into the custom component.


Hello, thanks for your answer. I think, i must describe the needs more clearly.
I want to do some reusable activity which include loop. And i would like that user of my activity can insert some action into body of loop. Somethink like ‘Excel For Each Row activity’ in studiox