UiPath Resource Center

Hello, I am not able to find the UiPath resource center page. I need to provide the link of enterprise edition. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Arun_Kumar4,

So the platform.uipath.com landing page is annoyingly responsive and picky with browser you are using! You wont see the resource center link if you are using a higher zoom in your browser

On EdgeChromium : Resource center can be found with 70 to 120 % zoom on a standard HD display in this link (Yellow mark below)

Try zooming out using ctrl + mousewheel down when in the landing page and you should see the link to Resource Center.

Enterprise Version : Customer Portal
Also note that now you or your admin should soon have your own portal with all licenses / version of msi in the Customer Portal. Read more here

Thank you. I have two questions. I need to install the Uipath Robot only.

  1. Do I need to download UiPathStudioSetup.exe or UipathStudio.msi for Uipath Robot only?
  2. Also I can only see the community edition. What am I supposed to do for the enterprise edition?

Hi @Arun_Kumar4,

You can choose the enterprise version in the resource center (again zoom in and out) and you should see the installers on the right side.

To install robot only, you can choose it when you run the installation file from the enterprise version. It will promt you to choose Robot or Robot+Studio during the process.

Thank you @jeevith. It worked and thanks for giving me some of your valuable time.

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