UiPath Replace Text (URGENT)

I have extracted these information

and would like to display them like these

Help appreciated!

Hey @audrxyx

You mean you want to store the extracted text to Excel ?


hi, yeap i want to change the text and store it to excel

Can you use Generate datatable activity and convert the string to a datatable. Then use Write range activity.

you can use generate data table activity, there you can convert string to table


As @Rahul_Unnikrishnan and @Veera_Raj mentioned you can use Generate data table activity…

not text to data table activity

You can refer the below video



Hi @audrxyx

I request you to please explain more on the requirement.

This will help us understand the requirement or problem better to provide a solution.


hi @Nithinkrishna,

currently the workflow is able to extract the information as seen in the first picture, but i want to convert those text into ONE LINE and place a comma between each skill

so from
Theatre Management

Theatre Management,Communication,Leadership

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Hi @audrxyx ,

Assuming you’re saving your text on an ExtractedText variable, depending on the text format one of these most likely will work for your purpose (use an assign activity):

NewText = ExtractedText.Replace(VbCrLf, ",")
NewText = ExtractedText.Replace(VbCr, ",")
NewText = ExtractedText.Replace(VbLf, ",")
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hey! thanks for the suggestion. however, it’s not working for me :frowning:

Hey @audrxyx

Could you please try the below,

Assuming you have your string in str_Text

String.Join(",",str_Text.Split(Environment.Newline.ToCharArray, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries))

Hope this helps.


Good that you pointed out, there’s a mistake on my previous response VbCrLf /VbCr/VbLf shouldn’t be enclosed within quotation marks, it should look like this

NewText = ExtractedText.Replace(VbCrLf, ",")