Uipath Remote Runtime is not working on Non Persistent Citrix Environment

Recently we have shifted from Persistent to Non Persistent Citrix Environment. Then the UiPath Remote Runtime is not working in Non Persistent Citrix Environment.

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The UiPath Remote Runtime is designed to work in a persistent Citrix environment, where the virtual machines maintain their state across multiple sessions. In a non-persistent Citrix environment, the virtual machines are destroyed and recreated for every session, which can cause issues with the UiPath Remote Runtime.

To use UiPath in a non-persistent Citrix environment, you may need to consider an alternative approach. One option is to use the UiPath Citrix automation capabilities, which allow you to automate applications running in a Citrix environment without the need for a remote runtime. Citrix automation works by simulating user actions on the client side, using image recognition and text scraping to interact with the Citrix environment.

Another option is to use a cloud-based automation solution such as UiPath Cloud Platform, which provides a browser-based automation experience without the need for a local installation or remote runtime. UiPath Cloud Platform also provides built-in support for Citrix automation, making it a convenient solution for automating applications running in a Citrix environment.

If you still require the UiPath Remote Runtime for your non-persistent Citrix environment, you may need to work with your Citrix administrator to configure the environment to support the runtime. This may involve creating a custom virtual machine image that includes the required UiPath components, or configuring the environment to allow the runtime to be installed and registered for each session.

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UiPath Remote Runtime is not compatible with non-persistent Citrix environments, and UiPath Virtual Office is required to use UiPath Remote Runtime in such environments.

To overcome this limitation, UiPath offers a solution called UiPath Virtual Office, which provides a persistent environment for UiPath Remote Runtime. With UiPath Virtual Office, a virtual machine is created for each user, and the UiPath Remote Runtime is installed on the virtual machine. This allows the UiPath Remote Runtime to be used by multiple users without requiring reinstallation, even in a non-persistent Citrix environment.

That’s why it didn’t

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Can you point me to some more info regarding UiPath Virtual Office?

I couldn’t find anything in google search, docs, or resource center.