Uipath remote runtime error

I installed uipath rdp plug in to windows server, RDP plug in service not started and crashed, due to kernel32. Dll error,

Anyone experienced this problem? @ovi @Lahiru.Fernando @balupad14

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Hi @ddrdushy1,
Could you please give us more details like screenshot with error details, entry from Event Viewer etc?

Hi @Pablito,
I attached the screenshot of the error. this system running on windows server 2008 R1.

Is it crashing just like that or when you trying to work with it with studio/robot?
If the first option then please check .Net Framework version. Should be at least 4.6

We installed 4.6 framework, then only installer allowed us to install

Based on error description “Kernel32.dllTryAcquireSRWLockExclusive” seems that system library doesn’t have function which is applied since Windows Server 2008 R2. In your case it’s R1 so I’m afraid it’s incompatible with your system version.

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