UiPath Release Rate

Hi guys,

Just a thought but the current release schedule is very hard to keep up with from a customer perspective. I completely appreciate the desire and need to develop and improve the product, but it also means that customers get “stuck” on say 2018.1. They then see awesome features in 2018.3 but take a long time to implement it due to restrictions on time, effort, experience, or small issues preventing upgrading studio or orchestrator. Then by the time they upgrade there’s a new release so they never get to experience the joy of being on the cutting edge!

I’m not necessarily arguing for a slower release or even any change BUT just wanted to flag that the rate of updates could potentially have a negative impact, if say the customer got disillusioned with not being able to keep up. I guess you could liken it to the phones, you only ever want to be 1 version behind max.

For me stability and ease of upgrade should still be a priority.



Hi @richarddenton
I agree, it’s hard even from a developer perspective to keep updated with all the great features added,
but as much as UiPath is really setting the standard in the RPA community, it still somehow a young tool in terms of having its final software version, and this same spirit is what let them used all what have been said in the user voice and implement it, Features like global exception handler in 18.4 or the introduction of floating robots in 18.3 … along with other features are great until we will get to use them and they will seem obvious.

What I’m trying to say is that this fast pace of releases in necessary now, but it will get slower eventually in the next years, as the tool is getting to take its final shape.

Thank you for mentioning an interesting point.


Oau! That’s an interesting point! :slight_smile: Anyone else with a view on this?

This might be linked to the lack of product roadmap which was noted in several posts. Therefore every new release is a bit surprise.

P.S. Not complaining about rapid development of the product at all :slight_smile: